Welcome to K-9 Kollege Dog Training!

COVID-19 UPDATE: K-9 Kollege has temporarily suspended all of it’s “In Person” group classes that were to begin the week of March 23rd, 2020. This includes Puppy Plus, Beginning Obedience and Advanced Obedience. Please see below for our video training options.

ON LINE VIDEO TRAINING: Beginning Monday April 27th, K-9 Kollege will begin offering our Puppy Plus Class and Beginning Obedience class using online video instruction. Each week for seven (7) weeks you will be sent a link to your personal email from Google Meet where you can watch the instructional videos at your convenience from your device (tablet, phone or desktop required). A Google Gmail account is NOT required to participate. I am planning a Mid- Term in-person evaluation using small groups of 4-6 dogs & handlers + social distancing so that we can make adjustments as needed. Should our Governor relax our “Stay Home” rulings at any point during our seven (7) week session then we possibly could move from video instruction to outdoor instruction weather permitting. Registration for our video instruction is available on our registration page. You may join in at any point on or after Mon. April 27th, 2020. Your videos will start arriving to your email once your registration with payment in full is received. If and when we are allowed to resume In-Person training, classes would be on the following evenings: Puppy Plus / Wednesday 7-8 pm, Beginning Obedience/ Monday’s 6:15-7:15pm & Tuesdays 6:15-7:15pm (pick either Mon. or Tues). Questions ?? Email me at k9kollegeohio@aol.com or 937-322-1672 (text only please).

K-9 Kollege Dog Training knows that a trained dog is a well regarded member of the family,
unlikely to be given away because of bad behavior. 
Located in Springfield, Ohio, we have been instructing group style dog obedience classes since 1986. 
Our program offers a full variety of obedience classes for dogs of all ages and skill levels as well as agility instruction and several specialty classes, welcoming the new dog owner as well as the experienced dog handler. Individuals and families will enjoy our user friendly motivational training methods as you and your dog become a team, building the dog’s self confidence and socialization skills along the way